Equilibrium for your sake

August 1, 2012

Life is like riding a bicycle – in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – AE

As you all may know, balance in life is ultimately important!  Whether it is how you eat, work, recreate yourself, sleep, exercise or even think, you need to have a balanced life in order to progress and move forward in life. This is no rocket science, really. I mean how many of you have not yet heard that drinking too much alcohol  is not good for one’s health? Not only have you might heard it with alcohol, but I’m pretty sure you have had it with hearing all those lectures about controlling how much fat and sugar you introduce into your body or about how work can’t take more than a certain percentage of your overall living activities, and so on. Well, whether you’ve had it or not, whether you’re tired of hearing those realities or not, know that they’re far from being rumours and speculations but  instead, real life issues. Oh, and we could expand the list by adding all those other things that need to be controlled and well-balanced in life, but how about we go a little deeper?

If you’ll agree with me, I think that one person’s life history can be divided into three distinctive periods; past, present and future. Of course, the past; including all of what we’ve done, both accomplishments and mistakes, the present; where we are now integrally because of our past actions and behaviour; and last, the future; where we want to be and which I believe is the sum of both our past and our present. Knowing that, you’ll note that there are also, inclusively, three types of behaviour when it comes to the actions deployed towards obtaining something or becoming someone. They are divided in the same historical life periods; the past individual, the present individual  and the  future individual.

Past. First, there is the past individual who is constantly wandering and dwelling back into his past. Usually, when this happens or when someone is always subject to cling to his past, it is often because he is not completely satisfied of what he’s done and what kind of person he was. Rarely will someone focus on his past so much, if he’s satisfied with it –  usually, he’ll keep moving forward. Or if he does, he will do so in a positive way – like looking back in retrospect of the consequences of his actions in order to do the same or differently. His past becomes a bed dream where he makes up these infinite scenarios of ”what ifs”. He keep wondering how his present and future could’ve been if  he acted differently in order for him to be a ”happy” person today. All his energy is put into trying to see how he could’ve done any better, knowing for sure that fixing anything he did in the past  is impossible. Still, he does it as a way of comforting himself by feeling like he owe it to others to pity himself or because he is too scared to step into the present – afraid he’ll do the same mistakes again. Many other reasons for this but most importantly, this not only can make him mentally  ill but can also compromise his present and future – taking all the energy away. They also often think that there’s no way out, that because of their wrongdoings, life is basically over for them. Sadly they forget that where life exists, hope is there too.

Present. Can someone be focusing too much on his present? Well yes and don’t worry, focus is the right word here! This is the  present individual. Living for today like there’s no tomorrow is the very signification of caring for the present only. He will risk his future and block away all the lessons he could’ve learned from his past. What he wants  is instant gratification only – he wants everything now and immediate pleasure, not thinking of any of the consequences they might bring upon him. He’ll have impulsive desires and make sure he finds a way to fulfill them right away, with no analysis done. This can be translated by spending money carelessly, making friends or going out with just anyone and constantly scheduling everything for tomorrow – as if it were promised – excluding all efforts and work in his life.  As much as working today in order to have a better tomorrow is crucial, focusing too much on your present can be a harmful danger. You work for a better tomorrow and not for a better present – your past has taken care of that already.

Future. This one is pretty common. Big dreams, big ambitions, big aspirations and that’s pretty much it – no work and no effort.  The future individual will often have a well-defined plan of what he wants in life but all he will do is  continuously embellish the picture. He often knows what he wants and knows how to get too, but will do nothing or just not enough to obtain it. Contrarily to the past individual who is scared to make the same mistakes by moving forward, the future individual is aware of the amount of work and effort to be done but just don’t want to get involved, too scared he won’t succeed or simply because of he doesn’t have the sufficient will and motivation. So he just sits there and wanders about. There’s this Bible verse that I like very much that says, ”Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Matthew 6:34). ”Each day has enough trouble of its own” – do what you have to do today and tomorrow will take care of itself. The working and effort is not to be put into the future but at the very moment. The only thing you can do about the future in the present is 1) knowing what you want 2) who you want to be and 3) who you want to be. The future never comes until today has passed.

Do you get the picture? Yes, you have to be balanced in time! You have to be able to organize and understand all of your life periods in order to have a balanced focus on them and move forward. Just a pinch too much of one can destabilize all your goals and dreams. Remember, they’re all useful and important. Your past is not less significant than you future or your future more important than your present. Do use your past to learn from  mistakes and accomplishments – reflect on how they made you feel and you’ll know from there to do even better. Use your present with all you might, learn to work with what you have and do not constantly complain or wish you had anything better – what if you had nothing at all? Finally, do remind yourself from time to time of what you want in life and why you want it, it’ll keep you grounded and push you through it. Do remember, “Life is like riding a bicycle – in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – AE


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