On to achieving

February 5, 2012

Hey everyone!

I am very happy that I am finally starting this blog. It has been a project that I’ve been wanting to do for quite awhile now, but with the lack of time I had in my hands in the past few months, it was a bit difficult  for me to launch it. I still have a lot on my plate, but I figured having a blog on the side wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Now, you’re probably wondering ” What will this blog be crack-a-lacking about exactly?” Well, the title of  it is not  ”Achievings” for no reason. I named it this way because here will be a place where you’ll find useful and thoughtful posts on how to go from wanting something to having it. I’ve encountered quite a few people here and there complaining about how they always start something but never finish it. How they always make plans, but those never really come to terms . Don’t get me wrong! I’ve been a victim too. Thing is, as long as you don’t know why and what is keeping you from having/accomplishing these things in your life, chances are, it’ll always be the same. You’ll always leave everything for tomorrow, find the most enchanting excuses and end up not realizing what you once wanted. Whether is it as small as a pea (like getting rid of the ton of clothes you have in your closet) or as big as the universe (like paying off your credit card), projects are projects and you cannot run to the mountains if you haven’t been on the hills first. Being able to deal with small projects will only prepare you for the bigger ones. So on that note, it is always good to get the most out of them by not neglecting them.

I think what makes this blog so unique and interesting is the fact that I have no PhD  in psychology, philosophy or anytime like such. I don’t have that type of perspective. I’m actually studying in office system technology which I think can be applied to such topic, but then again. I’m just a simple girl who, with a full baggage of experiences and a Christian-based knowledge, have started to figure it out and decided to put it out there. I have found myself in many situations where I would always have some projects or even activities I wanted to do and for some reasons, nothing happened. Let me tell you that I didn’t need no certification to be tired of doing so and finding a way out. This blog makes things simple, from a simple perspective.

I hope you’ll be able to relate on my posts and that they”ll be useful.

On to achieving!


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